TransAtlantic Tensions

• March 13th, 2009

5.09: Yes, Gordon Brown may be a totally appalling incompetent who has helped bring Britain to the edge of Bankruptcy but is "Team Obama" actually working on foreign relations or is it just too tired, (as it has claimed) to make foreign policy work while "fixing" the US economy...

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UK: The Abyss

• March 12th, 2009

5.24: Hello, Good Evening and Welcome to the latest Reality Gameshow's the Quantitative Easing Show... Is this growth I see before me? Or is it the Abyss for the UK???

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TMX, LSE and An IT Riddle

• March 11th, 2009

4.06: The tale of Toronto-Montreal (TMX) and its sale of a Sola licence to LSE to power the EDX raises as many questions as it answers...

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H1-B and the Real Battle Against Protectionism

• March 10th, 2009

5.10: "The Empires of Protectionism are The Empires Against the Mind" to paraphrase Winston Churchill. Today I want to look at just why trade protectionism is not the only thing to worry about and indeed why the US government is the worst offender, not merely endangering the global economy but actually endangering their own long-term economic power and the speed of their recovery...

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CDS Clearing On ICE

• March 9th, 2009

12.04: InterContinental Excahnge (ICE) makes a great leap forward today with the launch of their CDS clearing platform. However, the move and the events surrounding it raise many issues for other exchanges, market participants and indeed regulators...

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Luc Bertrand’s Canadian Legacy

• March 5th, 2009

7.17: The announcement that Canadian Derivatives Exchange Visionary Luc Bertrand, the man who rejuvenated Bourse de Montreal, is to depart the TMX Group he helped create, will mark a turning point for Canada's markets...

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UBS: Another New Broom!

• March 4th, 2009

3.33: The changes in the C-Suite at UBS are coming faster than some Swiss Private Bankers allegedly used to squeeze the diamonds out of the toothpaste tubes....

Now the brilliant CEO Ossie Grubel is to work alongside, not Peter Kurer (wow, doesn't it seem just ages ago since Marcel Ospel was in situ?) but by a new Chairman, a financial politican of considerable repute but intriguingly not a banker, what does this mean for Swiss Banking and indeed Switzerland Inc?

(Actually had you been a subscriber you would already have known at least part of the answer from our Premium podcast of last week on the topic! - Can you afford to wait for the juiciest analysis? If not, hit the "Premium Subscribe" button).

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Is This Bill Brodsky’s Year?

• March 3rd, 2009

11.23: What does the year hold for Bill Brodsky? With Obama, Biden and Emanuel just three of those mentioned, you ought to be listening to what the fascinating prospects for CBOE Chairman/CEO Bill Brodksy... Modestly enough, I think this podcast is unmissable, so do feel free to Premium subscribe now if you can't access it, as you'll find it somewhat interesting.

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Cars, Classic Cars & Alternate Assets

• March 2nd, 2009

5.16: Let's start the week on a slightly different note by examining the current state of the car industry and classic cars too.  Nevertheless, key asset messages are here and as ever it's a lesson about the force of the Sell Side when trying to broker an asset! For the uninitiated, I actually know a reasonable amount about this topic, having been closely involved on and off since childhood in historic motorsport and even dealing in cars, classic cars and racing cars...

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A Volatile Day For Employees

• February 27th, 2009

Wow, yesterday had it all, a sort of prodigal son repo between Credit Suisse and UBS, the elevation of Hugh Freedburg to Chair LIFFE and the shock departure of Peter Randall as CEO of Chi-X, the man we all thought was safe in charge of an MTF...

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