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The idea behind the Frontier Financier is simple.  It's not finding the information about financial markets that is difficult in this day and (internet) age, it's finding the time to actually being able to think about it and contextualize just what is going on that is the problem.

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In a world where information is in danger of overwhelming us, it can often be difficult to sit down and actually find time to think about the key issues in our markets.

"The Frontier Financier" is a circa 5 minute per day podcast on an important matter of moment in world markets.

Therefore our podcasts are mostly reserved for a select audience of Premium subscribers who pay 500 USD per annum to enjoy expert input on all aspects of exchange and OTC market infrastructure as well as emerging markets and in fact anything which our polyglot presenter turns his attention to.

In a world of a million blogs and all manner of financial market crises raging around the world, it struck me that there is a market for an easy to digest daily podcast about vital aspects of markets and their functioning (or dysfunctioning, as one might readily argue nowadays).

There is more detail about me, Patrick L Young on the next page but for now a brief web history of how we got here:

In the mid-1990s I saw this shiny new World Wide Web thing as a great opportunity to create all sorts of exciting new media. At the time, most of the folks in the exchange industry just laughed at the whole idea but gradually the internet gained traction. My original online magazines morphed into erivatives.com and we attacked the concept of global market analysis with the sort of gusto reserved for dotcom boomers or samurai warriors.

Of course samurai were useless a dealing with financial bubbles and we weren't a lot better although we kept publishing the erivatives.com magazines until 2005 when we decided to take a sabbatical.

Of course it wasn't quite as simple as all that (exciting tales of girls, money and exciting advisory projects are not something we deny easily at "The Frontier Financier") but you get the gist.

However, various readers were keen to get my take and various clients are always interested in hearing more of my views, so how could we keep you all satisfied and at the same time do something a little bit more interesting? Well, the idea gradually morphed into this service nearly a decade after somebody first suggested something similar over a great latte in Sydney's CBD.

It has been called "The Frontier Financier" precisely because it intends to be at the cutting edge of financial markets, just as the old erivatives web sites were for the first WWW decade. In that respect, "Frontier" can mean the emerging and even more edgy than emerging markets around the world, or the new frontiers of product or risk or trading concepts...in fact anything and everything within the cutting edge "frontier" of financial markets.

So, welcome to The Frontier Financier, we'll be posting a free podcast every week but if you really want to keep up with the bleeding edge, then please use the buttons at the top of the page to subscribe to our Premium service - believe me it will be worth every last cent!

Be careful who you listen to!

Patrick L Young

"The Frontier Financier"

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