BATS Overtakes Mifid

• March 26th, 2009

3.38: A free Podcast to update on Mifid matters of moment. Barely was my Premium message of yesterday published than recent upstart BATS Europe actually surpassed Turquoise in percentage share in Europe. Whither now the MTF marketplace? True, subscribers to my inner circle already knew many of my thoughts even a year ago but here they are in the public domain free for the first time... Be Careful Who You Listen To!


Is Turquoise The New Black?

• March 25th, 2009

6.48: Is Turquoise the new black? Patrick Young ponders the current state of play in Mifid marketplaces...


The Opening of AmCiv (reposted)

• March 25th, 2009

The system seems to have had various glitches in the past 24 hours - apologies. So I am reposting the AmCiv Prediction Markets free podcast here in an attempt to make it open to all.


AmCiv: A New Exchange Open For All

• March 23rd, 2009

6.07: The opening of the American Civics Exchange in New York marks an interesting turning point in the marketplace for US Political trading on exchanges.  Predicting the Prediction markets has rarely looked more interesting, but is it really relevant to the mainstream legacy exchanges?


Is This The Bottom? (Part One)

• March 20th, 2009

5.01: "It's a rally Jim, but a new bull market as we know it?" Patrick Young extemporizes...


The Arrival of BATS Europe

• March 19th, 2009

2.37: It may be somewhat late to the party but the US 500lb gorilla has arrived in Mifid Europe...welcome to: BATS Europe!


Tax & Spend Is Already A Myth

• March 18th, 2009

5.42: In the economic bear-pit that doubles as a global economy, the larger nations are proferring tax and spend from the bully pit. Strange, as already the evidence is that higher tax rates are just not working at all. Patrick Young investigates a fundamental mismatch at the start of the much heralded Brown/Obama/EU New Socialist era...


Eastern European Finance - An Introduction for the Perplexed

• March 17th, 2009

11.51: The western media is waging a "Battle of the Bilge" currently in its reporting about Eastern Europe. Here's an Introduction to just what is happening and why the opportunities are already bubbling up out east...


TransAtlantic Tensions

• March 13th, 2009

5.09: Yes, Gordon Brown may be a totally appalling incompetent who has helped bring Britain to the edge of Bankruptcy but is "Team Obama" actually working on foreign relations or is it just too tired, (as it has claimed) to make foreign policy work while "fixing" the US economy...


UK: The Abyss

• March 12th, 2009

5.24: Hello, Good Evening and Welcome to the latest Reality Gameshow's the Quantitative Easing Show... Is this growth I see before me? Or is it the Abyss for the UK???


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